25 Bixby promotions to try with your new Galaxy S10

After unboxing your brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 and setting up all the basics, it's time to let go and start playing with the plethora of features that the device offers. One is Bixby, the digital assistant from Samsung with which you can communicate with the device via voice commands. Bixby understands thousands of commands & lets you do things like play music and watch it again without touching the device.

We will not show you every command that Bixby understands in this message. Instead, we focus on the most popular ones that you will probably use often to get things done faster. Here are 25 useful Bixby commands that you should try with your new Galaxy S10.

1. Save a contact

2. Go up to speed

3. Delete sensitive information

4. Capture and share

5. Download an app / game

6. Share it with the world

7. Have fun

8. Set a timer / stopwatch / alarm ….

9. Take a ride

10. Learn a foreign language

11. Fold up

12. Get nostalgic

13. Don't forget the milk

14. Search for your car

15. Check the battery status

16. Switch on the night view mode

17. Better safe than sorry

18. Open an app

19. Check your condition

20. Pick up your food

21. Dance into the night

22. Don't get lost

23. Don't get caught in a storm

24. Don't be late for that meeting

25. Get rid of the mess

There you have it – these are the most useful Bixby commands to try out your Galaxy S10. There are many others you could try, some of which you can view in our special Bixby guide.


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