Android security overview 2018: huge increase in security updates for devices

Google has just published the report & # 39; Android security and privacy year in review 2018 & # 39; revealed. The annual report describes how well Google is doing to protect Android users against security and privacy breaches.

According to the report – which Google creates and distributes – the company does an excellent job of protecting users against potentially harmful apps (PHA & # 39; s). The report states that in 2018, only 0.08 percent of the devices that exclusively used the Google Play Store for app downloads were affected by PHA's.

There are approximately two billion Android devices worldwide, but millions of those devices do not use the Play Store or do not use it at all (like the millions of devices in China). With that in mind, the number of devices affected by PHA's is probably relatively small.

The devices that do not use the Play Store, however, also made exclusive progress in 2018. According to the report, these devices saw 15 percent fewer malware rates compared to the previous year.

Watch this YouTube video from Dave Kleidermacher, vice president of Android security and privacy, and read what's new in this report:

Perhaps the most interesting stat of the report is that in the last quarter of 2018 no less than 84 percent more devices received a security update than in the same quarter of the previous year. That's great news and an example of how OEM manufacturers of smartphones are finally getting better at keeping devices up-to-date.

Click on the button below to read the full report for yourself.


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