Apple could design its own antennas for the iPhone 12

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We could say that Apple is entering the 5G market late. Their devices have the best speeds or coverage compared to Android smartphones because it used to include Intel modems in their iPhones. It is now assumed that this new line-up of iPhone 12 includes Qualcomm modems and antennas with which they can work on both sub-6 and mmWave 5G networks. The only problem is that the antennas designed by Qualcomm fit in with the sleek design that Apple requires, but there could be a solution.

Allegedly, Apple is designing the antenna module that would be used in their new 5G devices, and this would include the new iPhone 12 line-up and perhaps new 5G iPad Pro's. The design of the QTM 525 5G millimeter-wave antenna module from Qualcomm would be too large, so according to Fast Company, Apple is trying to develop its own antenna. If Apple fails, they should use the Qualcomm alternative, but they should also provide a slightly thicker iPhone.

Even if they fail, Apple would still try to develop its own 5G technologies to stop depending on Qualcomm, and they want to use as few Qualcomm components as possible in their devices. Also, let's not forget that Apple purchased the modem chip business from Intel, which allowed them to reach their goal faster.

Source MacRumors

Via fast company

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