AT&T can bring 5G to more cities, still not sell 5G phones

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In a press release today, the country's second largest wireless provider AT & T has announced that it will use the 5G service in seven new cities: Austin, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Nashville, TN; Orlando, FL; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; and San Jose, CA.

With these seven new locations, AT&T now offers 5G service in a total of 19 cities in the United States.

However, the 5G service only works in "parts" of those 19 locations and AT & T does not offer coverage for which parts. Moreover, there is no commercial AT&T smartphone that can connect to 5G services and the 5G hotspot that the company launched at the end of last year is not easy (or perhaps even impossible) to get.

In other words, AT & T promotes a powerful network that none of its customers have access to.

Admittedly, an AT & T 5G smartphone is just around the corner: the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is expected to arrive in the coming months. Maybe another smartphone will be launched soon, although we don't have any solid information about it. It will be nice to know that when a 5G compatible device touches AT & T, it has direct access to the 5G service in at least some very specific areas of the country, right out of the box.

However, it is hard not to believe that the promotion of AT & T's network expansion is simply huge, which our own Eric Zeman chastises as childish in his opinion piece on the issue.

As we progress in 2019, we can expect more news like this from all four airlines to come out. Take part for the ride, everyone.

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