August View is a wireless 1440p video doorbell (update: now available)

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Update, April 9, 2019 (10:55 AM ET): The August view was announced earlier in March, but can now be ordered. Although the device will be available in many different colors and styles, currently only black and silver are available. The modified faceplates will be opened shortly and offer you the choice of a wide selection of colors, as described below.

The device costs $ 230. Click below to get yours!

If you want to add a smart video doorbell to your home, you generally have two choices: a wired unit that already needs an existing doorbell system that is already integrated in your home, or a wireless solution. So far, the latter category has been dominated by Ring.

Augustus hopes to change that with the August View, a smart wireless video doorbell that does everything that Ring can do, but slightly better. Because it was made in August, it can also be easily integrated with its highly regarded line of smart locks.

From the start, the August display does not look much like the Ring Video Doorbell 2. Both products do essentially the same thing: offer one-way video / two-way audio feeds of what is happening at the door that can be accessed from an app anywhere in the world operate. August certainly offers something more.

For example, the August display has a resolution of 1440p, while each ring from Ring is up to 1080p or lower. That extra clarity may not seem important, but if you see something vague at your front door, you want all the clarity you can get.

The August display is also more customizable than what Ring offers. In total there are eight different front plates from which you can choose:

A promotional image of the eight different faceplate options that are available with the smart Smart Video doorbell from August View.

The August View sells for $ 230 – that's $ 31 more than the Ring Doorbell 2, which sells for $ 199. However, it should be noted that the Ring Doorbell 2 does not come with the (demonstrably essential) bell, which itself costs $ 29. Because the August display comes with the accompanying chimes, you really pay the same price as for the Ring.

So, for the same price as a doorbell 2 bell, you get a big shock in video quality and the ability to round the doorbell that really fits your home. Sounds like a no-brainer choice of which product to buy.

You can purchase the August view of the August site and select national stores on March 28, 2019.

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