Cointelegraph organizes online meetup to talk LGBTQ + and Blockchain

As the Pride Month draws to a close, Cointelegraph is organizing an online meetup to discuss LGBTQ + issues in the crypto and blockchain community.

Cointelegraph Talks' new session, called & # 39; LGBTQ + and Blockchain: community-powered tech and tech-powered community & # 39 ;, includes community members such as LGBTTech & # 39; s Christopher Wood and UNAIDS & # 39; Eric Lamontagne. Other speakers include Hornet & # 39; s Christof Wittig, BitBull Capital CEO Joe DiPasquale, LGBT Foundation & # 39; s Sean Howell, Muckr AI & # 39; s Susan Oh and Fintech. Jane Thomason.

Hosted by Cointelegraph's opinion editor, Max Yakubowski, the upcoming session is less than an hour away, scheduled at 1:00 PM EST and ending at 2:00 PM EST. Sign up for the event via the Eventbrite page or watch the live discussion on YouTube and join in by submitting questions.

Launched in April 2020, Cointelegraph Talks is a series of online events featuring top blockchain and cryptocurrency experts and executives. Earlier in May, Cointelegraph hosted an online meetup dedicated to halving Bitcoin by half, with the event featuring John Todaro, Alejandro De La Torre and Paolo Ardoino.