Congratulations, Xiaomi: Nine years later and still strong

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Today, the best smartphone maker in India, and the number five in the world, is celebrating an anniversary. Xiaomi Corporation was founded nine years ago on April 6, 2010 in Beijing, China.

In less than a decade, Xiaomi has risen up in the ranks of smartphones and has received a fervent follow-up, largely thanks to a unique hardware vision that has been strictly complied with: high power, low prices.

Time and time again, Xiaomi has produced smartphones that offer unbeatable value. The Redmi range, now housed under its own Redmi sub brand, keeps the lower end under control; it pumps out various devices every year that could get the best bang for buck crown. Meanwhile, the Mi-range flagship (Mi also the Xiaomi logo) delivers all components of typical Android flagships for anything but typical prices.

Then there is the Pocophone sub-brand that was launched last year, responsible for the cheapest Snapdragon 845 phone that the market had seen at the time.

But affordable phones are not the only consumer technology product that the company offers; Xiaomi supplies headphones, security systems, scooters and even toothbrushes.

It is also not afraid to explore unconventional ideas. Xiaomi waded into a relatively unknown area with the first Mi Mix device and the end-to-end display at the end of 2016. The strange display setting guaranteed that it would not initially address the mainstream, but it showed Xiaomi & # 39 ; s foresight – Without frames, phones are now the standard.

In the future, we can also see a two-fold Xiaomi phone being released – the company has already bullied it.

Perhaps it was not all going smoothly for the Chinese giant: the flash sales strategy has caused frustration and the smartphones supported by advertisements often feel cheap in several ways.

But Xiaomi has contributed an overwhelming amount of quality products to the Android universe, and we owe a lot to it for the stronger mid-range focus that we notice from brands like Samsung and Realme. Xiaomi has restored a market that is about to expire, and that is why we wish a Happy Xiaomiversary today. Here are too many more.


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