Deal: get two 500-lumen military flashlights for just $ 15

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Flashlights are one essential part of an emergency package. The problem is that many of them simply do not fulfill the task. If that sounds like yours, it might be time to upgrade to the ultra-right tactical military flashlights. At the moment it's only $ 19.99 for a two-pack.

The UltraBright is perhaps the last flashlight you will ever have to buy. That is because it is so sustainable that it is possible survive some of the most difficult circumstances. Although you probably would never do that, you could freeze one in a block of ice and it will still work like new.

Couple sustainability with a 500 lumen brightness capacity, a range of one and a half kilometers and a long battery life, and you have a winner who delivers years of loyal service. It has different modes that make it perfect for emergency situations, and it's the same great for outdoor enthusiasts.

The military flashlights at a glance:

  • Each of the two military flashlights has a brightness of 500 lumens.
  • A handy storage case that makes traveling a breeze.
  • Each flashlight is fully adjustable and has a brightness range of 1 mile.
  • Different modes make them suitable for all kinds of situations, including emergency situations.

Light your way with around twenty UltraBright 500-lumen tactical military flashlights. They are normally priced at $ 100, but they are now on sale for just $ 14.99.

The deal is almost over, so press the button below before you miss it.

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