Deal: learn the basics of deep learning and artificial intelligence for $ 39

In-depth learning and artificial intelligence are the technologies behind the world of tomorrow. In fact, in 2030, PwC consultancy predicts that nearly 40 percent of all US jobs can be replaced by AI and automation.

That's a little scary, but if you're one of the pro & # 39; s making these smart bots, you're in good shape. You can now start learning all the basic principles with this introductory bundle for deep learning and artificial intelligence.

Nearly 40 percent of all vacancies in the US could be replaced by AI and automation.

This bundle offers four premium courses that introduce you to these two revolutionary fields. And now you can get the whole thing for more than 90 percent off.

These courses teach you how to build machines that learn when they receive human input. Through practical exercises and video projects you learn to code with Python, the basis of tools such as TensorFlow and Theano, and more.

The Deep Learning and AI bundle:

To get lifetime access to the full bundle for just $ 39 for a limited time – 91 percent off the original price of $ 480. Press the button for more information.

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