Expect to find BOE OLED panels in 5G iPhones soon

We know that Apple has been trying to get OLED panels for BOE's upcoming iPhones 12 series, but it looks like it is going well. The latest report suggests we'll find Chinese OLED screens in the first 5G iPhones.

New information from Digitimes claims that BOE has not obtained Apple's approval for its OLED panels. This isn't the first time that BOE has failed the quality tests, so this means we'll see these displays on the first iPhone 12 shipments. BOE screens would be included in the more affordable versions of the upcoming 5G iPhones, including the 5.4-inch and the non-Pro 6.1-inch iPhone 12. BOE's latest demise includes quality issues, but hopes OLED panels to ship to Apple in the last quarter of 2020. However, Apple should still be able to launch its devices in September, as LG Display should have enough screens for these entry-level devices, and Samsung Display will provide the more expensive 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch Pro and Pro Max variants of the iPhone 12.

Source MacRumors

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