Fallout Shelter tips and tricks: ultimate guide to the survival of post-apocalypse

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Fallout Shelter may not be the newest and best game in the hit franchise of Bethesda, but it turned out to have a good endurance. Updates and new functions have kept the game relevant all these years. To help new players and returning veterans, we have put together a list of tips and tricks for Fallout Shelter to maximize your chances of surviving the post-apocalyptic world.

This Fallout Shelter guide covers everything from ideal Vault layouts to resource and inventory management, so make sure you view the full list!

Defend the first floor

The first item on our list of Fallout Shelter tips has to do with one of the most stressful parts of the early game: raider attacks. These attackers break through the vault door and start attacking your residents while they steal their cap and postpone the production of resources. After they make their way through the corridor, they go to the first room on the ground floor.

If your first line residents are armed with only their fists, the room might as well be empty.

The best thing that can happen is that the robbers enter the next room to destroy even more residents. The worst that can happen is that your residents die, and in the permadeath-enabled Survival mode, they are dead forever. Make sure the first room is filled with well-armed residents.

If you only have a few weapons, try to move two of your armed residents to the entrance before the robbers enter. They have to slow them down considerably and prevent a lot of resource loss. Upgrading your vault door gives you even more time to get your defenders in place, so invest so early.

Triple rooms to maximize efficiency

One of the most important aspects of a well-organized reception is the layout of the space. It is tempting to throw single rooms down if you need them, but plan ahead. If your hiding place is filled with single rooms, everyone must be staffed by one or more survivors.

The Medbay and Science Lab can be left as single rooms until the population is 80 or more

Every time you build a new room, build two identical rooms next to it. They will come together in a large space that produces more than the individual rooms combined. Not only that, but triple rooms require less power and are cheaper to upgrade than individual rooms. If you leave only one person in the room, the goods will still be produced, although it may become vague if there is an emergency such as a fire or RadRoach infection.

For some rooms, such as the Medbay and the Science Lab, it is not really necessary to increase production due to the cap of 15 items. In those cases, because rooms are fine, or double rooms if you are an avid explorer.

Do not increase your number of residents too early

Fallout Shelter tips pregnancy baby

Once you realize that rooms are unlocked by having more residents, it can be tempting to recruit tons of new Vault members – don't do this.

The number of workers is important to make progress, but if you do this too early, you will lose your long-term efforts.

Every resident needs food, water and a weapon if you want them to defend themselves. At least make sure you have covered all your bases before newcomers from the wasteland can use your safe. Children are even worse because they do nothing but use drugs until they are adults. Ask a parent and they will tell you the same thing.

Raiders are difficult enough to deal with, but with 60 residents you will have to deal with Deathclaw attacks. In the Survival mode, that number has been reduced to just 35 residents. You definitely don't want to be on the receiving end of a Deathclaw attack without the right weapons.

Know your SPECIAL statistics

Fallout Shelter gives tips for quest combat special

Each resident has a number of statistics that influence their efficiency, both in the vault and while exploring the wasteland. Make sure you know what each special Fallout Shelter stat does to get the most out of your residents.

Refer to the table below for the meaning of each Fallout Shelter SPECIAL stat. Also note that although the in-game display is a maximum of 10, the statistics provided by outfits still have an effect on production, combat and reconnaissance.

stat Effect in vault Effect in wasteland Effect in the fight
Strength Increases the speed of energy production in Power Plant and Nuclear Reactor Increase the chance to successfully open lockers Reduces damage
Perception Increase the speed of water production in the rooms for water treatment and water treatment Increases the chance of finding special locations Decreases the speed of the critical hit
Endurance Increases the speed of food and water production in Nuka-Cola Bottler Reduces the chance of random radiation bursts Increases hit points incurred on level up
charisma Increases reproduction speed and the chance of attracting new residents via Radio Studio Improves results in meetings with civilized people No
Intelligence Increases the speed of production of Stimpak and Radaway in Medbay and Science Lab Improves the results of meetings with the injured and the chance of finding Stimpaks and Radaways No
Agility Increases the speed of food production in Dinner and Garden Improves the chance to prevent damage when fleeing strong enemies Increases the attack speed
Luck Increases the chance of rush success and extra caps rewards Increases the chance of finding items and the quality of found items, as well as the number of caps found Increases the chance of critical hits

Increase endurance statistics early

This lesser-known Fallout Shelter tip has a huge impact on the ability of your residents to survive in the late game. As mentioned above, the Endurance statistic increases the amount of HP gained at each level, and these increases are not retroactive.

If you increase the Endurance stat of a resident on level one (and equip them with Endurance-enhancing outfits), their final HP number will be considerably higher. Once you have unlocked the gym, you start grinding those stat levels!

Put your pregnant residents to work

Fallout Shelter tips pregnancy

Having a baby is the high point of many people's lives, but in Fallout Shelter there is no such thing as maternity leave. Pregnant residents are unable to defend themselves and run to the hills when attackers arrive, but otherwise they work just as hard as other residents. Just keep them on the first floor and if you don't have enough weapons, consider removing them for the duration of the pregnancy.

There is no maternity leave in the post-apocalypse

Fallout Shelter pregnancies last three hours and children take another three hours to become adults. Children do not need care and pregnant residents can return to work immediately after giving birth. If only the children in real life were that simple.

Use Mr. Handy to the fullest

Fallout Shelter tips Mr. useful

The snarling robot Mr. Handy appears in Fallout Shelter and it is even more useful than in the PC games. It is unlocked via Mr. Handy-boxes, which can either be unlocked through finishing goals or can be purchased for just under a dollar. The empty box is displayed in all storage spaces that you have in your safe.

Once purchased, Mr. Handy can be placed on any floor of your safe to automatically collect resources, extinguish fires, and ward off attackers. They absorb damage, just like residents, but cannot be cured. If they die, they can be raised for 2000 caps, even in survival mode.

If the services of Mr. Handy are not needed in the safe, you can send him to the wasteland to collect caps. He will not be able to collect items, but he will also not cause any damage. When filling his caps storage, he automatically returns to the safe. Very handy indeed!

Use the clipboard to select residents for each room

Fallout Shelter tips special clipboard

This Fallout Shelter tip has to do with an often overlooked element in the game's user interface. When selecting a room, a small clipboard icon appears at the bottom left. This will display a list of residents in the room and you can exchange them quickly.

This may not seem like a & # 39; n improvement over simply dragging the residents, but it allows you to quickly rank the list with SPECIAL statistics. Now you can ensure that residents with the highest power staff your Power Plants, and so on. It is also great to know which residents need static elevations in the Gym, Athletics Studio, etc.

Get the most out of your Nuka-Cola Quantum

Fallout Shelter tips nuka cola quantum

Nuka-Cola Quantum has been added as a premium currency in Fallout Shelter in update 1.6. This allows you to speed up a number of in-game elements and skip extra targets after the first free daily skip. They can be purchased in the store, but you can collect a lot by just playing the game.

Nuka-Cola Quantum reduces waiting times by up to 2 hours

The best use for Nuka-Cola Quantum depends on your specific situation. You can use it to speed up the training to get residents back to work in a pinch or to ignore goals if you want to try more Lunchboxes. Our favorite use is to speed up travelers when moving to or returning from a search. If you are about to go to sleep and your explorers are outside for another hour, pop a Nuka-Cola Quantum and send it back to effectively get 8 hours or so of uptime.

Regardless of what you use it for, remember that each Nuka-Cola Quantum reduces a maximum of 2 hours, so accelerating 2 hours and 5 minutes costs the same amount as 3 hours and 59 minutes. If you sit at 6 o'clock and 5 minutes, wait a few minutes and save yourself a bottle.

Keep an eye on the Mysterious Stranger

Fallout Shelter tips mysterious stranger

The Mysterious Stranger appears again in Fallout Shelter, although it is quite short. It comes into your vault at random moments and when you find it you will be rewarded with a few hundred caps. You have to be fast, because it only hangs for about 5 seconds.

There is an easy way to find the Mysterious Stranger in Fallout Shelter, and it's about using sound. When it appears, a fuzzy piano sound is made, so that is your queue to search your vault for the trench coat-intruder. Don't worry if you miss it, because it appears every few minutes.

That's it for our list of tips and tricks for Fallout Shelter! Do you have any more hot tips for your fellow supervisors? Let us know in the comments!


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