Finally, the Stadia controller works wirelessly with your Android phone

Google's cloud-based Stadia game streaming service has finally gotten a feature that many users have been waiting for a long time. In the latest edition of the blog post & # 39; This Week in Stadia & # 39; the team announced that the Stadia Controller now works wirelessly with your Android phone.

The change comes with an update today and will require the latest version of the Stadia app to work. And it goes without saying that the Stadia controller must be on the same network as the connected phone. Thanks to wireless pairing, users can now easily connect their wired headphones to their phone, thanks to the reduced clutter.

Additionally, DOOM Eternal: Update 2 arrives this week and brings a new Battlemode arena, event cosmetics and Master Collections. Additionally, if you buy a Stadia controller before July 2, you can get a 10% discount, bringing the price in the US to $ 62.10.

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