Google is organizing an online event next week, but it's not for the Pixel 4a

google logo G on ces 20202

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

  • Google is organizing a virtual summit on July 8.
  • It is a developer event dedicated to the company's smart home ecosystem.
  • Can we see new smart home hardware? Probably not.

Google may be getting ready to launch the Pixel 4a, but before it does, the company is hosting a virtual & # 39; Hey Google & # 39; smart home event on July 8. Google hasn't revealed much about the upcoming developer event, but we expect to hear a lot about Google Assistant and the smart home devices it powers. Can we see Google's new streaming dongle? Well, the event would be a good opportunity to launch something like that, but we're really not sure Google will unmask it yet.

Meanwhile, the keynote address at the Google virtual smart home event will be given by Michele Turner, director of product management at Google's smart home division. It's a 45-minute call, so we expect at least a few important announcements from it, maybe even some new hardware. However, if you look at the schedule, the hope for new Google devices will quickly diminish. Turner mainly talks about Google's smart home API and the integration of Google Assistant.

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The keynote will be followed by a Google partner panel with representatives from LG, Vizio, Ikea and other companies. There are also a number of watch-on-demand sessions available for developers who want to learn more about Google's smart home tools.

Well, that's about it. Don't have high expectations for new devices coming out of this Google event. We will of course keep an eye on it and let you know what Google announces on the virtual top. If you are a developer and would like to register for the event, you can do so by clicking here.