Halo timeline: The glazing of New Mombasa and Operation: BUMRUSH

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In the last article we discussed the beginning of Halo 2, in which the Covenant arrived on Earth and how the Arbiter came into being.

Complete Halo timeline series

In this, we switch to Halo 3: ODST and watch the UN Security Council try to defend New Mombasa against the invaders, and how a daring team of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST & # 39; s) managed to complete a crucial mission. complete in the city … and survive to tell the story.

October 20, 2552 CE (current era): ODST & # 39; s try Operation: BUMRUSH

The drop pods start their descent.

When the prophet of regret broke through the defense of the earth and parked his CAS class attacker above New Mombasa to take troops to town, the UN Security Expert devised a cunning strategy to thwart him – Operation: BUMRUSH. The plan was to bring several ODST squadrons directly into the stationary ship by letting the soldiers fall into the hull with special drop-pods, which surprised the crew. The UN Security Council hoped that Regret would reveal why the Covenant had landed in New Mombasa. Moreover, since the San & Shyuum prophets were the leaders of the Covenant, the capture or killing of Regret would have inflicted a huge blow on the alien invaders.

If it worked, Operation: BUMRUSH would have been a monumental victory for the UNSC.

Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) officer Veronica Dare, however, had to use one of the ODST squadrons for a special mission: instead, invade the city and secure the manager of artificial intelligence, the Superintendent. The Chief Inspector contained information about New Mombasa, the Earth, the UN Security Council and more, so it had to be kept out of Covenant's hands. The team she chose was Alpha-Nine, consisting of five men: Michael "Mickey" Crespo, Taylor "Dutch" Miles, Kojo "Romeo" Agu, a trooper known as "The Rookie", and Edward Buck, the squadron leader.

When the ODST & # 39; s launched their pods, Dare ordered the team to change their course and head for the city instead of the Assault Carrier. However, as they did, the prophet regretted the slipspace drive of his ship and fled the earth. This was because he realized that his other ships were engaged in space battles, and that his own ship was alone and, therefore, in tactical disadvantage. This leap to slip space caused a huge electromagnetic pulse and a big explosion, the first of which fired all the drop points of the ODST & # 39; s while the last caused considerable damage in the area below where the attack carrier was. Without power and control over their pods, the individual members of Alpha-Nine were cut off from each other and crashed into different parts of New Mombasa. Shortly after this event, covenant reinforcements from the Prophet of Truth arrived, blew past the rest of the UN defense fleet and more troops began to enter the city.

The chaotic aftermath

Conceptual work of art from the UN Security Council fights with Covenant troops in the streets.

Immediately after Alpha-Nine & # 39; s members landed, they began to coordinate with the local forces in the area to try and both defend the city and have rendezvous with each other. Buck managed to work with Marines and reach the pod of Dare, but there was no trace of her there except her helmet. Shortly thereafter he managed to connect with Romeo, who had landed nearby. Meanwhile, Dutchmen landed in the suburbs of the city, and he was able to coordinate with nearby Marines and lead a Warthog counterattack against the invading forces. During this, the orbital lift of the city, which allowed materials to be delivered directly to ships in space, was destroyed. The wreck then flew to the city and its surroundings and crushed both covenant and human forces, creating even more chaos.

Simultaneously, Mickey emerged from his pod to discover that Marines and police units were trying to make their way through the streets to reach the base of the ONI Alpha site, because they had the task of gathering there and collecting it. to protect. With the help of their Scorpion tank, Mickey assisted them and shot through the soldiers of the Covenant on their way. Dutchmen, who had successfully led the aforementioned Warthog indictment, joined him and the Marines when they went to the base. With the help of explosives, Mickey and the Dutch blew up the bridge that led there, but the alliance was countered by flying troops per dropship. Despite their efforts, the ODST & # 39; s could not prevent the covenant from entering the facility. The surviving officers, marines and Mickey and Dutchman were evacuated on a pelican, using an external detonation tool to blow up the base and prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Shortly thereafter, Buck and Romeo succeeded in establishing communication with them, and Mickey and Dutch were planning to pick up their teammates with their Pelican.

Alpha-Nine is finally regrouping

While Mickey and Dutchman flew to a rooftop terrace where the team decided to meet, their Pelican was attacked and knocked out by Covenant Banshee's plane, causing the land to crash. The two ODST & # 39; s and their allies gathered all heavy weapons within the dropship and bravely opposed incoming inbound troops. Buck and Romeo rushed to meet them, and together they were able to successfully repel the attack. However, a Brutal Chieftain severely injured Romeo in the process, and while his squadmates are able to stabilize his condition, he could no longer fight.

While night falls, the ODST & # 39; s use a daring strategy to try to flee the city.

While night fell without any word from Dare or the Rookie, and with Romeo wounded, Buck decided to leave the original mission and flee the city. His first idea was to use the city's tram system, but the ODST's discover that the tunnels are flooded. With no other options, the team is forced to board and steal a Covenant Phantom dropship. As the team fled, Buck suspected that Dare had ended up at the Data Center of the Superintendent and decided to lead the team there.

The Rookie wakes up

For a while, the Rookie only had to explore the streets of the fallen city.

It is at this time that the Rookie, who had been knocked unconscious for six hours by the landing of his pod, finally woke up. At present, almost all UN forces in the city were killed or evacuated, making New Mombasa a smoldering ghost town inhabited only by Covenant patrols. Without communication and no idea where his fellow ODST & # 39; s were located, Rookie made his way to the Data Center of the Superintendent. The city superintendent, using the "Vergil" subroutine (based on the character of Dante & # 39; s Inferno), helped him get there, pointed him in the right direction, and helped him avoid danger. Rookie hoped to find an ally there, and luckily there was one; Dared to reach the facility and tried to eliminate the covenant forces there. Together, the two managed to do this and discovered something odd: a Huragok covenant was connected to the core of the superintendant.

Rookie and Dare initially thought it was trying to steal his information, but it soon became clear that the Huragok, known as Quick To Adjust, was actually on their side. The Huragok were enslaved by the Covenant and Quick To Adjust tried to fight its masters by absorbing and overflowing the Superintendent within itself. To achieve this, Rookie and Dare left the facility with Quick To Adjust in tow.

Alpha-Nine & # 39; s escape

Alpha-Nine was able to escape just before the glazing started.

Buck, who had traveled to the factory, met them, and together they fought the street on a highway along the ocean. Their plan was to drive to a nearby shipyard where the rest of Alpha-Nine could pick them up in their Phantom, so Dare and Quick To Adjust started using a large, tank-like vehicle called Oliphant, while Buck and Rookie used a Warthog to to protect. During their attack on the highway, the Association began to give glass to the city with their ships, much to Buck's shock. Due to the overwhelming amount of enemy forces on their path, Dare and the ODST & # 39; s are forced to leave the highway before they reach the location of the Phantom and stand in a courtyard. Just before they are overwhelmed, the rest of the ODSTs arrive in the stolen Phantom and extract the rest of the squadron and Quick To Adjust.

Despite the fact that New Mombasa was fitted with glass and that countless lives were lost in the city, the ODST & # 39; s of Alpha-Nine succeeded in completing their mission and keeping the data of the superintendent out of Covenant's hands . Elsewhere in the Milky Way, however, the Arbiter had traveled to the Threshold of the planet to silence a heretic who dared to doubt the covenant's faith …

Your thoughts

What do you think about the plot of Halo 3: ODST? Are you looking forward to the next timeline article that covers the rest of Halo 2 & # 39; s story? Let me know in the comments. Be sure to read the other articles in this series, and if you want to play some great Halo games, check out the ones below.

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