Here are Google & # 39; s Fool & # 39; s Day gags from April: from Google Tulip to spoon bending in Gboard

Google Japan

Google is known for participating in the fun of April Fool & # 39; s Day, with gags from the past such as Google Maps for NES, Google Voice for Pets and internet connections through a toilet.

The company has today made at least four announcements to mark the occasion, and most of them are not mistaken for the real deal. We view all these ridiculous revelations.

Snake in Google Maps

The first announcement is actually the only legitimate one on the list, since Google Maps allows users to play Snake on the service. To start, you have to press the hamburger menu button in the top left corner and then choose Play Snake. From here you can play Snake at different locations, namely Cairo, London, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Sydney and Tokyo.

Google says that Snake will be available in the Android and iOS app for about a week. If you are like me and have not yet received the game, you can visit the Google Maps Snake website.

A screen cleaner in the Files app

The Files app was a long-awaited official file manager for Android devices, which also included other cool features. Now the latest "feature" from Google is a screen cleaner, which promises to literally clean your phone screen.

Google says the feature works by using "geometric dirt models, combined with haptic micromover pulses, to dislodge what's stuck to your screen." The company says a thin magnetic field is then generated by the app to further protect the screen, complete with a "sweet scent."

It is clear that this is meant as a joke by April Fool, but it would not surprise me if more than a few people fall for it. After all, there are many apps in the Play Store that claim to bring fingerprints to phones without a scanner …

Google Tulip

Ever wanted to speak with flowers? Well, the Mountain View company only offers this with Google Tulip.

"Thanks to great advances in artificial intelligence, Google Home can now understand tulips and enable translations between Tulipish and dozens of human languages," the company noted in a blog post.

The company claims that tulips can now tell people when they need more light, space and water. Moreover, the flowers are supposedly great listeners and in return they give excellent advice.

Google says the feature is only available on April 1 and can be activated on your Google Home device by simply saying "hey Google, talk to my tulip".

Spoon bending for Gboard

Is it the craziest gag on the list? I'm not sure, but the joke from April to April in Japan (h / t: 9to5Google) is definitely a weird entry. The company claims that you can now bend a special, smart spoon to type Japanese characters into Gboard.

According to the Japanese unit of Google, the spoon is equipped with micro-USB or Bluetooth 4.1 and curved 2019401 times (you see?). The department has also made a Github project as a joke, but warns that this is not an officially supported product.

That's it for Google's jokes in April so far, but what was your favorite announcement? Let us know in the comments!

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