Huawei P30 series to deliver the best Snapchat experience on Android?

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The Huawei P30 series includes a number of impressive camera techniques, such as fantastic zoom lenses, ultra wide angle cameras & functions for extremely low light. It also looks like these phones are your best choice if you use Snapchat.

Huawei is working with Snapchat to deliver better photo and video quality when using the new flagships, according to a sponsored post on TechRadar. So what kind of improvements can you expect?

The socket indicates that the P30 and P30 Pro with Snapchat will use a higher resolution, although it is unclear whether this applies to photos, videos, or both formats. In addition, Snapchat videos & # 39; s created on the P30 series will offer better video stabilization.

Huawei added that the P30 and P30 Pro's ultra wide-angle camera will soon be supported by the app. This function comes via a software update, although there is no release window yet.

The post specifically states that these improvements will come to the Middle East, but you would assume that these tweaks will also come to the rest of the world. We have asked Huawei and Snapchat for more information about the scheme, including the ability to use telephoto lenses in the app and will update the story accordingly.

In any case, we are happy that Snapchat has paid attention to Android in the last year or so. The company is also rolling out a rewritten Android app, so you should see an improved app even if you don't have a Huawei phone. Anyway, we hope Snapchat & # 39; s days when the platform is treated as a second-class citizen have disappeared.

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