Inbox by Gmail is dead, but you can at least reclaim its appearance with this Chrome extension

Because Inbox by Gmail is officially at rest, mourners have a little spark of hope in the form of a new Chrome extension that Computer world spotted earlier today. Suitable per Inbox called Theme by Gmail, the free extension helps you pretend that Inbox is still alive.

The good news is that it is very easy to use the extension. Click here to view the Inbox Theme for Gmail extension and then click on the Add to Chrome button on the right. Click Add extension when the prompt appears and Gmail opens on another tab or Gmail refreshes on a current tab.

You should see something like this:

A screenshot of the Chrome extension Inbox Theme by Gmail.

It is not only your email inbox that contains a flood of Inbox, even the display of the main message list and the individual message screen are great duplications of what we have seen in Inbox.

Unfortunately, Inbox Theme for Gmail is exactly that – a theme for the desktop version of Gmail. That means popular Inbox functions such as Bundles that automatically organize e-mails, the integrated reminder system, pinned messages, the article-saving system and extra shortcuts are nowhere to be seen.

But close your eyes and open them after a few seconds. For a warm minute you might think that Inbox is not dead anyway.

You can download the Inbox Theme for Gmail Chrome extension via the link below.


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