Is it worth the effort to play the Just Cause 4 Los Demonios DLC?

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Best answer: It is ultimately worth playing. However, there are some things that can be done to make the Los Demonios DLC more fun, attractive and long-lasting.

The Los Demonios DLC introduces a new mini story to Just Cause 4 in which an ally of the primary opponents of the game, the paramilitary forces of the Black Hand, accidentally releases a horde of ancient demonic enemies by entering a newly discovered temple.

The demons (they look like aliens) attack the Black Hand and begin to terrorize the whole of SolĂ­s, the fictional country where Just Cause 4 takes place. It is up to you to stop them, exterminate them and prevent the crisis from getting worse.


  • Cool idea for the franchise.
  • Gameplay uses the entertainment hook a lot.
  • Great new crossbow weapon.
  • Nice visuals.


  • Gameplay can sometimes become very frustrating.
  • Lack of enemy variety.
  • On the short side.

A fresh way of playing

The Los Demonios DLC continues with the proven Just Cause theme of destruction, but does so in a way that until now has been completely unique compared to the rest of the franchise.

The demons are difficult and they have a wide range of cool attacks that can spell your doom if you are not careful.

The new weapon, the Demon Crossbow, is an absolute weapon explosion and it is perfect to wipe the new flying demon enemies directly from the sky. Speaking of the demons, they are difficult, and they have a wide range of cool attacks that can spell your doom if you are not careful. They will mainly fire globs of corrosive energy at you, but they can also pick up dead Black Hand soldiers and manipulate their hands to fire their guns at you. They can even perform kamikaze-like charges where they zoom on you and explode on contact if they hit.

There is also a tentacle enemy that encloses hostile vehicles, kills the people inside and then fires their weapons at you. These enemies cannot be killed, but you can prevent them from attacking by destroying the vehicle they are holding. Black hand soldiers will constantly enter the areas that have attacked the demons, and because they are your enemy too, this results in chaotic triple battles that feel great to participate in.

The swarming nature of the demons means that you have to keep moving a lot, and I think it's great that this DLC encourages the use of heavy-duty hooks. You will soon rely on it for mobility in battles with the demons, and zipping in and out of battles while avoiding their energy attacks is a fun and surprisingly challenging experience.

Moreover, you can also pull the demons together or to the ground, which offers you an alternative way to eliminate them. Finally you use the enterhook to expose the vulnerable parts of the plants that the demons have grown in their infection areas. One of these is a venus flytrap-like plant that you have to kill by pushing its jaws open with your grappling hook and then blowing the inside apart.

In addition to everything mentioned above, the atmosphere of the areas infected by demons is simple looks awesome. There is a creepy purple-blue haze over everything and the demons' attacks glow bright green, red and purple. Inflating their "nests" of eggs also results in a display of colorful fireworks and in general it feels like a complete fresh breeze for Just Cause in an aesthetic way.

Things can be better

Although there is a lot I love about this DLC, there are also quite a few things that could have done better. My biggest complaint is that you cannot use vehicles. The areas where the devil gets infected automatically turn off and destroy any vehicle you are trying to bring in, which is strange, because the dismantlers drive armored vehicles that work well. I suppose this was done for balancing, but I still think it's a shame because I think playing a vehicle is undoubtedly a core part of the Just Cause sandbox.

Having two hostile types causes things to mute after a while.

There is quite a lack of demon enemies in the DLC. The flying ones are fun to fight with, and the tentacle variants add a nice twist to the mix, but if you only have two hostile types, things feel stiffened after a while.

Sometimes it got the gameplay whole also frustrating, especially when the game pushes more than six of the armored tentacles and almost twenty flying demons against me at the same time. Even with evasive grappling hooks, you will be hit in such a way that you are constantly the edge of a knife of death. These moments were fortunately rare, but they killed the pleasure I had at the time.

Finally, the DLC itself was a bit on the short side. I finished it in about three hours, what a alright length, but I think it should have been longer.

In the end there is a lot of fun with the Los Demonios DLC, but there is also a lot that also has flaws. I still think it's worth getting, but the developers behind Just Cause 4 can do better than this.

Demonic invasion

Simply cause 4 Los Demonios DLC

Save the world from the old evil

The DLC of Just Cause 4 Los Demonios is very nice, but there are a few places that could have used an improvement.

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