Microsoft may unveil the cheaper Xbox Series S console in August

Earlier this month, leaked devkit documents revealed more details about another Microsoft Project Scarlet console codenamed & # 39; Lockhart & # 39; which will reportedly debut as Xbox Series S. Now, a new report from Eurogamer suggests the more affordable next-gen Xbox console will be announced in August.

Microsoft is said to have planned a debut in June, but those plans were ignored and the announcement has now moved to August. We don't know what the Xbox Series S will look like, but it is said to focus on 1080p and 1440p gaming compared to its more powerful brother's 4K benchmark – the Xbox Series X.

In particular, the Xbox Series S will reportedly have the same CPU as the Xbox Series X, but will be equipped with less usable RAM and less powerful GPU. Unsurprisingly, it will have a lower price tag and will reportedly hit shelves next to the Xbox Series X in the fall.

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