Motorola Razr gets the "most complicated" price from iFixit (that's not a good thing)

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Moto Razr foldably folded in box-speaker

The Motorola Razr of 2019 has been subjected to various repairability and durability tests in the recent past and so far it has turned out to be a huge $ 1500 liability. People at i fix it also recently opened the folding phone to see how easy or difficult it would be to fix it. The results of their reduction may lead to you reviewing your decision to buy the Razr if you intended to do so. If you've already bought it, what you're going to read may not be that pleasant.

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i fix it has given the Razr a 1/10 recoverability score. This is one of the lowest scores the outlet gives to a 2019 smartphone. On the other hand, if you compare it with folding phones from last year, the Razr scored only one point less than the Galaxy Fold score of 2/10. We are joking. There is no positive side here.

The socket notes that the outer cover of the Razr is glued pretty stubbornly and that replacing the two batteries requires almost complete disassembly of the phone. Hidden cables also become frequent victims during the repair.

Complex construction and multiple booby traps for flexible cables make for difficult repair work.

i fix it

i fix it notes that there is a small gap between the hinge and the display on the Razr, which does not inspire confidence in the construction. The phone uses the same flexible OLED screen as the Galaxy Fold. Similar gaps in Samsung's foldable were also responsible for the death of early telephone units. However, Samsung later corrected these issues before the broader launch of the Fold. Unfortunately, Motorola does not have that luxury, because the Razr is already sent to customers.

iFixit & # 39; s disassembly video further shows that the Razr has countless screws that hold its intricate interior together. Thanks to this it is extremely difficult to go to the main screen. It is surprising that Moto offers screen replacements for $ 299, despite how hard it is to open that damn thing. That's less than what it costs to turn off the display on the iPhone 11 Pro Max, which by the way is one i fix it recoverability score of 6 out of 10.

Another worrying problem with the Razr is that the charging port is soldered directly to the motherboard. So if it ever breaks, repairing it can cause physical damage to the motherboard, which you certainly don't want to let happen.

All in all, the inside of the Motorola Razr contrasts sharply with its chic appearance. Even if you ignore the low recovery quotient, the phone does not offer enough specifications to match its premium price. For comparison: the Galaxy Z Flip comes with a flagship SoC and a lower price tag than the Razr. If Motorola learned a few lessons from Nokia, it would know that nostalgia is not enough to sell smartphones.

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