No Internet? The Google app has a hidden game to spend your time

Although there are now free Wi-Fi and decent wireless network connections, there are still plenty of times when you can be on your smartphone without an internet connection. Oh, the horror!

Fortunately, Google has it for you: there is a new hidden game in the Google app that can be played without a data connection. In fact, the best way to gain access is to disable your data.

As first noted by Android police, the game looks a lot like Flappy Bird (RIP), but with a cute little cloud character instead of a bird.

To gain access to the game, wait until you have no data or close your Wi-Fi and your mobile connection manually. After you disconnect, perform a search for each topic in the Google app or one of the related widgets. You will see a message that you are not connected, along with a picture of the cloud character of the game. Click on that cloud and you will be taken to the game.

View the screenshots below for reference:

Like the cloud, you have to float through the sky while avoiding obstacles that come in the form of dark thunderclouds, birds and other cute little characters. It's a very simple game, but it's still fun and a great way to kill some time while you can't browse Android authority.

You must be able to see the game in any version of the Google app above v9.46.6.21. Go to the link below to ensure that you are using the latest version.


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