Notch Pie brings a battery indicator to your water drop

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We have seen wallpapers that display the Galaxy S10 in various impressive ways. But phones with waterdrop notches also get some love thanks to the Notch Pie app.

The app was designed by an XDA developer (h / t: XDA Developers) and allows users to place a battery indicator around the waterdrop cutout. It is a fairly convenient way to use the notch and you can adjust the size and thickness of the indicator to suit your phone.

Speaking of phones, it seems that Notch Pie supports a wide range of devices. The outlet notes that it worked on their Redmi Note 7 Pro, but should basically work on almost any waterdrop-to-end device.

Setting the camera is quite annoying, I thought, because you have to manually adjust the indicator on the screen (a green circle) with a number of picky buttons to position it correctly. The indicator did not even appear on our Honor 10 Lite.

The process worked without problems on our Vivo V11 Pro, as shown in the picture. The biggest disadvantage, however, is that it appears that you cannot change your existing layout once you have saved it; if you want to make changes, you must start again at the beginning of the process.

Notch Pie does not require root, but must of the. Are being loaded XDA website or the developer's Google Drive account. Despite the somewhat annoying setup process, the core idea is smart. The developer has also confirmed that they are working to simplify the set-up process and will add support for traditional notches, so it should only get better from here.


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