Pinterest review: a popular PWA is coming to the Microsoft Store

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Pinterest is a popular site for sharing everything from home design ideas to training plans. It is an extremely versatile tool for people who want to exchange ideas, bookmark favorite messages and organize content boards. Pinterest transferred its website to a PWA last year, but it is now directly available through the Microsoft Store.

Because Pinterest has been available for a long time for Windows 10 users as a PWA, the bigger questions are how does this relate to the use of Pinterest PWA in a browser, and how does this affect the trend of PWA's on Windows?

Pinterest is a free site to use, and as such, the app is also free.

Share, organize and improve


A digital notice board that is stored on the internet

With Pinterest you can share ideas, create plates and organize pins to keep all your ideas organized. The Microsoft Store version is a good example of PWA & # 39; s that support the Microsoft Store.

Fill the plate

Pinterest & # 39; s PWA in the Microsoft Store delivers the full Pinterest experience. You can paste items on boards, browse categories, search for content, send people messages, and do everything else you can do on Pinterest platform. Before Pinterest switched to a PWA, the site would have bad scales and content. Now it scales well and fills your screen attractively, regardless of the screen size of your device. In my tests everything felt as smooth as silk. Content quickly loaded, liked, picked and other core functions worked well, and the whole experience was great. It's great to see a first-party app that works so well on Windows 10 from such a large company.

Pinterest also supports web notifications, so you can easily stay up to date. Overall, Pinterest has improved considerably compared to its old web version, and that translates into its presence in the Microsoft Store. Medium has performed an extensive analysis of the conversion from Pinterest to a PWA. They point out that the size of the Pinterest app was 56 MB on iOS and 9.6 MB on Android. The PWA, on the other hand, is only 150 KB. That is just one of the many enhancements that have promoted the web experience for Pinterest, and all of which come through here.

Better than a browser?

The most important question for me, and I imagine many users, about using Pinterest through the Microsoft Store is whether it is better than using Pinterest in a browser. After all, the purpose of a PWA is to be platform independent and to scale well, regardless of your device. If you can open Pinterest via the internet or "install" it as an app through your browser, what is the point of downloading it from the Microsoft Store? That is a reasonable question for every PWA to a certain extent, but is especially valid in the case of Pinterest.

Microsoft wants developers to place PWAs in the Microsoft Store for a few reasons. First, Microsoft wants developers to create app experiences that work on Windows 10 instead of leaving Windows behind as most developers have done with native applications. Secondly, they want popular services and apps to be easily found and installable through the Microsoft Store. This makes it easy for users to go to one place to get all their apps, whether they come from UWP or PWA and familiarize users with the use of the Microsoft Store. Finally, Microsoft wants developers to record and expand PWA & # 39; s on Windows 10 by integrating with Windows 10 functions such as Live Tiles and notifications.

Pinterest is doing well on two of these three statistics. The Pinterest PWA is very similar to the Pinterest experience on other platforms. Boards scale well on different screen sizes, the core functions are all there and you can do everything you want on Pinterest via the PWA. This is better than the previous version of Pinterest & # 39; s website that cuts planks in half and scales badly. But again, these improvements exist regardless of whether you use Pinterest through the Microsoft Store or your browser.

When it comes to the findability and ease of installation, I see a number of benefits, but they are quite small. I don't think it's much harder to click on a web browser installation than the Microsoft Store. I even clicked on a link to Pinterest in the leaked version of Edge powered by Chromium and the PWA is installed automatically. His arrival in the Microsoft Store helps the catalog to look much better. Microsoft can claim another popular service in its store and the app will not be stopped because it will be updated as the PWA improves on all platforms.

The area that Pinterest is not doing well is integrating the PWA with Windows 10-specific functions. As far as I know, Pinterest hasn't done much in this regard. The Start menu tile looks a little better than pinning the browser version from Pinterest to Start, but it doesn't seem to be a Live Tile. Notifications seem to be no different when Pinterest is also installed via the Microsoft Store. If you put the browser version and the Microsoft Store version of Pinterest on someone's PC, I doubt they can see the difference between them. That's the point of PWA's in a certain way, but it's still disappointing that Pinterest hasn't embraced the integration of their PWA with Windows like Twitter. That said, Pinterest is a newcomer to the Microsoft Store and features can be added in the future.

An impressive addition to the Microsoft Store

It's great for Windows 10 users and users on other platforms that Pinterest has converted their website to a PWA. It offers a better Pinterest experience on various devices, including Windows 10 machines. It is also good that Pinterest has brought the PWA to the Microsoft Store because it offers users a different way to install the application and close the app gap. That said, Pinterest via the Microsoft Store is almost identical to installing the PWA via a browser. Ideally, Pinterest would integrate Windows 10-specific functions into their app.

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Basically, this is an excellent Pinterest experience. Although you can get the same experience through your browser, it is always good to have more options. I hope to see more companies cough Google cough jump on the PWA bandwagon like Pinterest.


  • Easy to install
  • Free
  • Scales well on different screen sizes
  • Offers a full Pinterest experience on Windows 10


  • Start menu tile is not a live tile
  • Cannot be integrated with Windows 10 compared to the competition
  • Basically identical to installation via a browser

Share, organize and improve


A digital notice board that is stored on the internet

With Pinterest you can share ideas, create plates and organize pins to keep all your ideas organized. The Microsoft Store version is a good example of PWA & # 39; s that support the Microsoft Store.

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