Play your vinyl anywhere with & # 39; the world's smallest record player

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Do not let anything prevent you from listening to your favorite vinyl records wherever and whenever you want.

RokBlok: & # 39; The world's smallest wireless record player lets you listen to vinyl by simply placing the device on a record, raising the control lever and turning it around. It is a beautiful appearance.

You can take advantage of the small but powerful built-in speakers from RokBlok, or connect wirelessly to Bluetooth speakers or headphones for even more amplification.

This device has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to four hours, vinyl-safe rubber wheels and a cartridge with a diamond tip.

This tiny record player can go wherever you and your data can go.

With a length of only two by four centimeters, this tiny record player can go wherever you and your records can get. Place the RokBlok in any standard format and enjoy that real vinyl sound.

Prepare for your favorite oldies or new records with ease and portability that surpasses your smartphone – with a unique nostalgic twist.

The RokBlok portable record player is available for just $ 99. Press the button below to change the way you enjoy your music.

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