Sony could remove two thousand jobs from the mobile division in 2020

According to a new report from Nikkei Asian review, Sony Mobile is about to experience a landslide. The report claims that Sony will halve its mobile division in 2020.

If this is correct, it will cause around 2,000 people to lose their jobs or go to a new department at Sony.

it should be noted that Nikkei Asian review does not cite a source in this article. However, the publication is highly regarded and reliable.

Besides, although this news is disappointing to hear, it is not exactly unexpected. Yesterday Sony announced that it is closing a factory that mainly makes smartphones. The company has also moved its mobile division to another division that makes TV & # 39; s, cameras & audio devices. It is assumed that Sony did this to hide how much money the mobile division is losing.

Reportedly, Sony mobile lost $ 1 billion in 2018.

This is also not the first time that Sony has made a huge job for its mobile division. In 2009, Sony cut 1,000 mobile device jobs and then cut another 2,000 in 2015. Both were due to the slow sales of mobile phones.

We contacted Sony and asked about this rumor, but we didn't hear it until time passed.

Sony & # 39; s most recent smartphone is the Sony Xperia 1 with a price of $ 1,000.

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