The best smart plugs you can buy: make your house smarter, cheap

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Forgot to switch off the TV before you went home? Worried you left the iron on? Don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning to make coffee? With a smart plug you can control almost any electronic device directly from your smartphone or a smart speaker. Although they can't do much more than turn them on or off, there are plenty of scenarios where they can come in handy. And you don't have to lose all your existing lights and devices when you start your smart home trip.

We have limited a list of the best smart plugs for 2019, so let's get started right away.

Best smart plugs that you can buy

1. Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini

kasa smart wifi plug minikasa smart wifi plug mini

The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini is compact enough not to infringe on the second outlet. All you need is a reliable WiFi connection (2.4 GHz) and you are ready to go. You can control your electronic devices from your phone, using the Kasa app or with your voice, using Alexa, Google Assistant or Cortana. You can schedule even when you turn devices on or off automatically and set up scenes with multiple devices.

2. Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon smart plugAmazon smart plug

Amazon's smart plug adds voice control to any power outlet via Alexa. You can set schedules for lights, fans and other devices, set routines and control everything remotely via the Alexa app. It is also compact enough to ensure that the second outlet is usable. Unfortunately, Alexa is the only supported voice assistant, so you'll have to choose other smart plugs for Google Assistant or Cortana.

3. Bes smart plug

currant smart plug with two outputs and energy monitoringcurrant smart plug with two outputs and energy monitoring

Just like the other smart plugs in this list, the Currant plug allows you to control your devices with an app or use your voice via Alexa or Google Assistant. You can also set schedules and routines. It comes with two outputs that can be operated separately. A very useful extra here is energy monitoring. A real-time energy meter shows you exactly how much energy a device is using and with interactive charts you can break down energy consumption and costs per hour, day, month or year. A Bluetooth version is also available that is ideal for locations with irregular WiFi.

4. Syncwire Mini Wi-Fi

syncwire mini plug with two outputs and energy monitoringsyncwire mini plug with two outputs and energy monitoring

The Syncwire Mini is another excellent smart plug that comes with power monitoring capabilities, works seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant and can be easily integrated into IFTTT routines. Although it comes with two outputs, this compact smart plug is designed to keep the second outlet free. Each output can also be controlled separately.

5. Kasa Smart Wi-Fi socket

best smart plugs kasa smart wifi plug box with six socketsbest smart plugs kasa smart wifi plug box with six sockets

If one or two outlets are not enough, the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip offers you six outlets that can be operated independently. It also comes with three USB-A ports to charge your smartphones, tablets and more. You can use voice commands via Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana, or manage everything and monitor energy consumption with the Kasa app.

6. Kasa Smart Wi-Fi outdoor plug

best smart plugs kasa smart outdoor plugbest smart plugs kasa smart outdoor plug

As the name suggests, this smart Kasa plug is ideal for controlling outdoor lighting and devices such as landscape lighting, swimming pool pumps, holiday lights and more. The long WiFi range of up to 300 feet ensures that you have no problems operating the smart plug while inside, which you can do via the Kasa app or with Alexa and Google Assistant. It comes with an IP64 rating for dust and water resistance and must remain safe in almost all weather conditions.

That's it for this summary of some of the best smart plugs in 2019, and your first step in transforming your traditional home into a high-tech home.