The best universal laptop lock

Adding a lock to your laptop is one of the easiest ways to secure the device, but not all laptops have a special lock. Fortunately, you can still add a lock to your device using a universal laptop lock. No lock is completely theft-proof, but by attaching a lock to your laptop, you can stop thieves and make sure that your laptop cannot be picked up and run away with it. The FOLAI laptop lock comes with a supplied holder that is attached to your laptop or device with an adhesive. Then you can easily use the T-Bar style lock to secure your device.

Who should buy a FOLAI laptop lock?

This lock is extremely useful because it is suitable for any laptop with a T-Bar style lock that is common on business laptops, as well as any device that does not have a slot lock. The holder can be attached to a laptop, tablet or even a phone that is displayed.

Is it a good time to buy a Kensington combination laptop lock?

Laptop locks do not contain many delicate materials that break down over time. It is reasonable to assume that a slot can survive the usability of many electronic devices that it protects. Although prices can go up and down, this FOLAI laptop lock is affordable for just $ 14. It is therefore a good time to buy this lock if you want to secure your device.

Reasons to buy

  • Works with slots or any device with a flat surface
  • affordable
  • Works with popular T-Bar slot
  • Has an option for combination or key lock

Secure any device

This lock is versatile and makes it easy to secure a device that you use or display in a public office. It has options for a combination-based lock or key-based lock, so you can choose which one is the most convenient for your use.

The T-Bar design means that it can also work with devices with a special slot lock. As a result, you could set this slot on a terminal that sees many devices. It is important to note that no lock setup is impenetrable. For example, if a thief has a thick enough pair of wire cutters, they can pass almost any laptop lock. But the idea behind locks is to force a potential thief to use enough tools to draw attention to them or prevent them from stealing the device.

This slot is affordable, easy and thanks to its versatility, it can be used with almost any device.

The design of the T-Bar that uses this lock is popularized by Kensington, a well-known locksmith for laptops. Although this FOLAI lock was not made by Kensington, it works with many devices because manufacturers want to make their laptops compatible with T-Bar style locks.

This lock is especially useful because it works with so many different types of devices. The included holder adds a bit of a bump to your device, so if it's on a laptop, make sure it is on a part that is not expected to lie flat. If you use this lock on a tablet, you want the device to be mounted in a way that does not cause a bump or is willing to sacrifice the ability to lay your tablet flat on a surface.

This slot is very affordable for just $ 14 and a great way to increase your device security that costs multiple times the price of the slot.

Alternatives for the FOLAI laptop lock

There are many options when it comes to Kensington locks and locks from other brands. If you prefer a key over a combination or if your device does not have a Kensington lock, there are still ways to secure your device.

This slot is another good choice for people who want to protect a device that does not have a slot slot. It adds a bit of power to your device, but that also provides some support for a tablet or a portable device to which you have linked the lock.

Bottom line

Adding a lock to your device is a simple and affordable way to increase the security of your device. Although many devices have slot slots, there are a number of devices that do not, including ultra-thin laptops and tablets. You can still add a slot to these devices using a self-adhesive attachment.

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