The Google Photo & # 39; s update can solve major annoyance about uploading photos

Google Photos is currently one of the most important apps in the smartphone world and offers free backups of photos and an easy way to share snaps. Fortunately it seems that the latter will be even easier with an upcoming update.

As suggested by an MOT dismantling 9to5Google, Google Photos & # 39; s lets users generate a sharing link or shared album when sharing with apps where only one photo can be uploaded at a time. This can be a particularly annoying problem if you are like us and use Slack for workspace messages, which means you cannot upload multiple clicks at once. So a link to multiple photos seems the more sensible option in this situation.

The disassembly also provided references on an extensive list of file size options when sharing an image. These file options are now: less data, basic quality, high quality and original quality. So if you have a limited mobile data plan or have poor signal strength, these new file quality options might be for you.

Google apparently also tests a pinched interface on the Assistant tab of the app. Instead of seeing a row of four or five icons at the top (to create an album, movie, photo album, collage, or animation), Google will only show two buttons to make & # 39; new & # 39; and & # 39; print a book & # 39 ;.

These would not be the only recent additions to Google Photos, as the service has also been automatically cropped for documents, Express backups and Live Albums in the last six months. Nevertheless, we are happy that Google is committed to the service.

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