View Windows 10X on a laptop

Only a few days after the emulator for Windows 10X was released, someone installed it on a laptop.

What you need to know

  • Someone managed to make Windows 10X work on a laptop.
  • They probably used the image from the Windows 10X emulator.
  • The laptop seems to be working while running Windows 10X, but we do not recommend trying it.

Someone managed to get Windows 10X to work on a traditional laptop. The emulator for Windows 10X was released just a few days ago, but it has already been placed on an unsupported device. Twitter user "Sunshine Biscuit to scale" shared a Windows 10X video on a MacBook.

Windows 10X seems to work reasonably well in the video. The video shows apps running in split screen mode, moving an app back and forth between two halves of the screen, and running an app across the entire screen. The video shows a YouTube clip that indicates that audio works during installation. It also seems to work well with the trackpad of the laptop.

It is quite common for people to install emulator images on unsupported machines. We saw it a long time ago in the days of Windows Phone and it was expected that Windows 10X would end sooner on a laptop instead of later. I have also seen people try to get it on a Windows laptop, although they have not had much success.

The process of getting Windows 10X on an unsupported device is both extremely complicated and not recommended. If you try to install Windows 10X on a laptop, this can put the device in the ground. We do not recommend putting Windows 10X on a device that is not supported. That said, it's still nice to see what people can do.

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