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Academy Award-winning screenwriter and director Jordan Peele is the third reboot of the TV program The Twilight Zone. Just like the original series from the 50s (and those from the 80s and early 2000s), this new version of The Twilight Zone presents supernatural short films with a message – or a warning.

The series is only broadcast via internet via the CBS All Access service. If you want to use CBS All Access, you must pay $ 6.00 per month for & # 39; limited commercials & # 39; or $ 10.00 per month for commercially free display. Anyway, the service gives you access to thousands of episodes from both the CBS broadcasters' catalogs (such as NCIS, The Young and the Restless, and Madame Secretary) as well as the new version of streaming shows only (such as Star Trek: Discovery and this restart of The Twilight Zone).

However, if you want to know what Peele has to offer with this new restart, you don't have to register for anything: you can now watch the first episode "The Comedian" on YouTube. Click here to start viewing.

If you want to know more about the delivery, read on for our spoiler-free review.

Spoiler free review of & # 39; The Comedian & # 39; from The Twilight Zone

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"The Comedian" is the story of an upcoming comic called Samir (played by Kumail Nanjiani) who has a small problem: he is not very funny. He believes that comedy is at its best when the audience thinks hard about difficult issues, so most of his material is about arms control and The Second Amendment. However, he is tired of his failure to make progress in the industry and also tired of the quarrel he gets from his fellow comics.

One evening after a particularly bad performance, Samir bumped into a legendary comic (played by Tracy Morgan). The legendary comic dishes provide some advice that will literally change the course of Samir & # 39; s life – but is he really prepared for what that will cost?

The premise of "The Comedian" is simple enough: what will a narcissistic fame seeker actually sacrifice to realize his dreams? In the episode, this question is considered for a long time before we elaborate on the consequences of Samir & # 39; s actions.

"The Comedian" is, however, quite predictable. By the time you find out what Tracy Morgan & # 39; s legendary comic Samir has cursed, you'll probably already know how the episode will end.

The Comedian is not bad at all, but in a post-Black Mirror world, Peele will have to try much harder.

This version of The Twilight Zone may have the pedigree of Jordan Peele, whose films Get Out and the recently released Us are episodes of this series of long duration (Peele also takes the Rod Serling role as host and narrator of these new episodes) . Although Peele may be a good leader for a restart of The Twilight Zone, he has to deal with the unfortunate reality that the different serialized supernatural show Black Mirror has raised the bar considerably for a series like this.

If you were to compare "The Comedian" with one of the episodes from previous repeats of The Twilight Zone, it might be up to him. The second time you compare it to a Black Mirror episode, you begin to see how fragile and predictable this episode is.

Nine episodes of The Twilight Zone are coming soon, so things might get better. However, if "The Comedian" is what Peele chose as the "hook" episode to get us all into the new series, it doesn't predict much good for the quality of what's to come.

You can now watch "The Comedian" on YouTube by clicking here, or you can sign up for a free one-week trial of CBS All Access by clicking the button below. If you do this, you can watch this episode, as well as the remake of the classic & # 39; Nightmare at 30,000 feet & # 39 ;.


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