We asked, you told us: most prefer the Galaxy S10 Plus over the Huawei P30 Pro

Huawei officially announced the P30 Pro this week, introducing the first real competition of 2019 of the Galaxy S10 Plus. Both handsets have the best specifications, impressive camera performance and a premium price tag.

With this in mind, we've decided to ask you if you'd rather pick up the latest and greatest Huawei & # 39; s from Samsung. This is what you had to say.

Huawei P30 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus?


It was a fairly sharp and dry poll about the site, twitter, Facebook and YouTube. With more than 50,000 votes, 60 percent of voters would prefer to own and use the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus than the Huawei P30 Pro.

According to the comments section, most people appreciated Samsung & # 39; s overall performance. Although many voters agreed that Huawei & # 39; s camera installation would probably perform better than that of Samsung, the Galaxy line has the reputation of being much more reliable than the P-series.

Moreover, it seems as if most who shared their opinion liked the Samsung One One UI. Compared to Huawei & # 39; s EMUI, One UI is fresh, fast, does not limit the background performance of an app and is made for larger phones.

Remarkable remarks

Here are some of the best comments from last week's poll that explained why they voted as they did:

  • S10 Plus. All the features that most people would like to have are there and made the Samsung experience even better.
  • how about & # 39; NOTCH interested & # 39; ?! (in case you didn't get it, neither)
  • Neither. Phones become monotonous. It's the same in every phone nowadays
  • Everything aside, EMUI sux
  • The only good thing is the camera. Everything else is S10 + much better.
  • Samsung all the way. Do not touch Huawei, do not trust them.
  • The S10 + is a much better phone in general. (Build quality, component quality, the display, headphone jack, functions, etc.) The camera alone is not enough to make that Huawei phone as good as the Galaxy.
  • Huawei has the best cameras, but Samsung has better UI, UX, better screen, Dex and its own VR super powers.

That's it for this week, everyone. As always, thank you for voting, thank you for the comments and don't forget to let us know what you think about the results below.


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