We asked, you told us: the Galaxy S10 is a better buy than the LG G8

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As expected, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series received positive reviews when the handsets were released. The LG G8 is finally available for preorder and will soon be coming to the market to compete with Samsung & # 39; s newest and best.

So we decided to ask you, would you rather buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the LG G8? This is what you had to say.

Samsung Galaxy S10 or LG G8 ThinQ?


Across twitter, Facebook and YouTube, voters preferred the Galaxy S10 over the LG G8 almost everywhere. It was only on the site that readers said they would rather pick up the latest flagship from LG.

But the results are undeniable – most buyers prefer the Samsung Galaxy S10 over the LG G8.

The two handsets are not that different on paper. Both devices have headphone inputs, almost identical specifications and a premium version. What makes a difference for most people is their experience with the two companies. Although Samsung has a proven track record, it is known that LG drops the ball over time.

Remarkable remarks

Here are some of the best comments from last week's poll that explained why they voted as they did:

  • G8 just because I care a lot about audio, but I think the S10 is generally the better phone for most people
  • I was burned by two LG smartphones. I'd rather use a literal brick than the ones my two LG phones have turned into
  • Both have been blown to hell, but LG has agreed a worse quality record. S10 for sure.
  • S10 and it's not even close to a choice for me. Can't trust LG track record.
  • LG G8. The same performance and much cheaper. Not to mention the audio performance on the LG are amazing, miles away from Samsung.
  • Choosing S10 is a good idea. The G8 just doesn't make anything worth the high price. Even the Mi9 is better than G8.
  • I still opt for LG, for sounds and camera aspects. V30 user here. I prefer an underdog phone that performs well. Being different is good
  • Of course the s10. Better performance, battery and one onion are much better than the skin of LG. Although I would like a decent face ID.

That's it for this week, everyone. As always, thank you for voting, thank you for the comments and don't forget to let us know what you think about the results below.


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