With WhatsApp you can soon block frequently forwarded messages in groups

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WhatsApp has purchased various tools to combat fake news in the last 12 months, but the newest addition may be one of the most important features.

According to serial leaker WABetaInfo, with the messaging app you can soon block frequently forwarded messages in a group chat. The feature is only available to administrators and is reportedly accessible through group settings.

Previous point-of-sale reporting indicates that a message will receive the "frequently forwarded" tag if it is forwarded more than four times.

WhatsApp will have the option to block forwarded messages in groups. WABetaInfo

In theory, this could be a filter to catch spam and hoaxes. Nothing prevents users from regularly copying forwarded messages and sending them as new texts, but it does make it harder for them to spread. However, the function is not yet live.

The functionality joins a number of other WhatsApp functions that are meant to combat hoaxes and fake news. Other tools that have been added to the platform include forward limits, detection of suspicious links and improved management functions. The company is also reportedly working on integrated reverse image search, so you can quickly verify a received image.

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