Xiaomi talks more about MIUI 11, hints for a system-wide dark mode

In January 2019, Xiaomi announced that it was starting to work on MIUI 11, but since then we haven't learned much about the Android skin. MIUI product director Liu Meng and design director Ge Rui have finally broken the silence of Xiaomi during an AMA at Weibo, XDA Developers reported earlier today.

Xiaomi tries to make the visuals consistent in the user interface. That means that updated icons and animations are on the way, with icons expected to be flatter than they are today. MIUI 11 also includes options for changing icon shapes, options that Android 9 Pie already includes.

The following is a new ultra energy-saving mode that starts when the battery level is very low or whenever you want. When enabled, the ultra energy saving mode turns off everything except phone calls and text messages. The mode even changes the screen to a monochrome color.

The color change is a smart change because we see that we are less inclined to use our devices when everything on our screens turns gray. As a result, gray scale allegedly helps addiction to telephones.

Elsewhere, MIUI 11 makes some changes to the status bar. With MIUI 11, phones with recesses are taken more into account and the status bar icons are displayed correctly. That means icons for the battery indicator, mutes, headphones and others now neatly fit on one side.

MIUI 11 also moves the clock to the right of the status bar. There may also be an option to darken the status bar, although Meng and Rui did not say whether the function would reach the final version.

Other MIUI 11 functions include the automatic deletion of screen shots after they have been shared, group notifications from the same app as maps, and permanent notification management. Xiaomi gave a hint to a system-wide dark mode, but did not confirm his presence in the final version of MIUI 11.

Xiaomi did not say when MIUI 11 will be available.


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