You can now pretend that you are working thanks to email planning in Gmail

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  • Google celebrates Gmail's 15-year anniversary by bringing email planning to the platform.
  • Smart Compose also makes its way to Android and iOS, after it is a Pixel-exclusive feature.
  • Google confirmed that Smart Compose is now also available in four new languages.

Believe it or not, Gmail was first announced 15 years ago on April 1, 2004. It was quite revolutionary at the time thanks to the huge 1 GB storage limit for each user.

Google has now marked the 15th anniversary of its e-mail service by announcing that the e-mail schedule is coming to the platform. All you have to do is open a draft or create a new message, and then tap three-point menu> Schedule sending on your smartphone. Here you can choose different suggested times or adjust your own shipping time (as shown in the image). So if you don't want to interrupt someone's weekend or pretend to be working hard at 2 AM, this seems like a handy addition.

Smart composing in Gmail for Android.

The company has also confirmed that Smart Compose is now available in French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Furthermore, it comes both for Android phones in general and for iOS, because it was initially exclusively a Pixel function.

Google also revealed a Smart Compose-related adjustment, because it said the feature will now personalize suggestions. An example given by the Mountain View company is if you prefer to say "Ahoy" in your greetings, instead of "hello" or "hello", you can set that. In addition, Gmail will now propose a subject line based on the email you write.

These changes come a few days after Google has announced that its AMP technology is coming to Gmail. This so-called dynamic e-mail function allows users to perform complex tasks within an e-mail instead of visiting a website, such as filling in forms and responding to events.

The functions also come a day before Google is apparently ready to close the Inbox app. Users are reported to have received notifications from the search giant, warning them that Inbox will close on April 2 and that they will use Gmail instead.

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